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    Ring Resizing

    Cove Jewellery takes pride in offering a fantastic service where they can attend to all your jewellery adjustments and creative ideas. One of the most common enquiries is regarding ring resizing, let us take a look and see how ring resizing will work for you.
    At our Sydney repair centre, we provide the highest quality of repair services without outsourcing your precious jewellery overseas.

    Our pricing is competitive and varies depending on a number of factors such as the metal type utilised in creating your ring, how many sizes need resizing, or depending on the overall structural design of your ring.
    Unlike some other businesses that stretch rings to make them larger enough - something which can cause serious structural damage - our technique avoids this risk entirely; guaranteeing no snapping bands! As an extra precautionary measure, we also never shave off metal from inside the band so you don't have to worry about those dreaded cracks either!

    Our method is surgical in its nature. We make an incision in the band and fill it in with extra gold in order to make the radius of the band wider. If you need your ring to be smaller then we would cut a portion out of the band and then melt it back into the ring. In this case even though your ring becomes smaller in size, the weight of the actual ring does not change.

    Our resizing fee starts from AU$155.00. We require 7-10 day to complete the order. Our insurance also covers express postage, you can send in your ring to us and will send in back to you in 7-10 days if this is more convenient for you.
    Please visit our Cove Jewellery Boutique today, we are located on Level 2 in Westfield Burwood shopping centre. If you have any questions please send us an email on repairs@covejewellery.store