More Rare than Diamonds? The Rarest Gemstones in the World

More Rare than Diamonds? The Rarest Gemstones in the World

Diamonds are some of the most popular gemstones in the world. But, others are much rarer and more valuable. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 of the rarest gemstones in the world. These stones can be found in a variety of places, from deep within the Earth to outer space! So, what are these rare gems and where can you find them? Keep reading to find out!

Black Opal

Beautiful black opal is the rarest type of opal in the world. Found in Lightning Ridge, Australia, this stone can have a wide variety of colour patterns and hues, making it one of the most prized gems around. There are other types of opal as well, including white opal, crystal opal, and boulder opal. However, black opal is considered to be the most valuable type of Opal.


This beautiful stone is found in only one place on Earth - the Mererani Hills of Tanzania. It is a vivid blue-purple colour that can be cut into many different shapes and sizes. Tanzanite is a relatively new stone, as only a few decades ago it was discovered in 1969. Since then, it has become a highly prized gemstone for jewellery and decorations.


Most gemstones change colour depending on the light in the environment. But, alexandrite changes colour depending on the light source! This stone can be dark green in daylight and change to red or purple under artificial light. These rare stones can be found all over the world, but they are perhaps the most highly prized in Russia and Sri Lanka.

Red Beryl

With a name like "red beryl", it's clear that this gemstone is quite rare. And indeed, it is! Only found in Utah (and therefore nicknamed "Utahite"), this stone has similar properties to emerald and sapphire. It can also be extremely difficult to find and mine, making red beryl one of the rarest gemstones in the world.


Another rare stone, benitoite is only found near San Benito River in California. This beautiful blue stone has a range of hues and patterns that make it highly prized by collectors and jewellers alike. It can be difficult to find, as deposits are quite small and other gemstones share their colour. 

Imperial Topaz

Unlike many of the rarest gemstones, imperial topaz is not a truly rare stone. Instead, it's simply one of the most prized and valuable gems in existence. This beautiful golden-orange stone can be found all over the world, but its value is much higher than your typical topaz. Infused with copper, imperial topaz can be one of the most valuable stones in existence.

Red Spinel

This beautiful red stone has been prized for centuries, but because of its colour and hardness, many people mistakenly thought that it was ruby instead. Red spinel is found in a variety of places around the world but is most highly prized in Myanmar (Burma).

Blue Garnet

While garnets are quite common, blue garnet is quite rare. This beautiful gemstone can be found all over the world, with deposits in Russia, Tanzania and Madagascar being among the most prized. What makes this stone so unique is its striking blue colour and the fact that it is often heat treated to increase its colour saturation.


This beautiful red stone can be found in pockets in Eastern Russia and is the rarest type of zircon. Hyacinth can also be heat treated to give it a purplish-red colour, making it quite prized in the gemstone market.


This unique stone gets its name from its beautiful, silvery-white colour that resembles moonlight. Found all over the world, this gem is especially popular with collectors and jewellers who prize it for its elegant beauty and unusual colour. In addition, many people believe that moonstones

Yes, Yes - Red Diamonds, we know :)

Red diamonds are some of the rarest and most highly prized gemstones in the world. These beautiful stones have a deep, rich red colour that is unlike any other type of diamond on the market. Because of their rarity, red diamonds can be quite expensive and difficult to find. They are typically found as part of large gemstone collections, or in areas where gemstone mining is common. To date, there is no known process for artificially creating red diamonds, which only adds to their allure and desirability among collectors and jewellers. 

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